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We are currently updating our family peer support services, please check back in a bit!

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Contact Family Support at 705-549-3181 ext. 2619

Services Available
Family Support Group

When someone is diagnosed with mental health or addiction, it often affects more than just the person experiencing the illness. 

Family members and other people closest to the individual are often impacted emotionally and/or become caregivers for their loved one.

At the PCFC, we understand how stressful this can be. The Family Connect program offers services specific to family members who are supporting someone with a mental illness or addiction challenge. 

Family Support Group

Offered by the PCFC a peer-led non-profit organization providing support, education and hope to families and friends who are affected by or caring for someone with mental health and/or addiction. We provide a safe, confidential environment for growth and healing by peers with lived experience. 

These support groups are free to attend, and held on Monday's from 6:00-7:00pm. Please call 705-549-3181 ext. 2619 to speak with our Family Support Worker.

Note: Our Thursday Orillia Family Support Group is currently on hold

Education and Resources 

Understanding the Mental Health System and educating ourselves on the various aspects of mental illness is an empowering step to take for family members. 

Our Family Worker can assist you to gather the needed information and find resources for yourself and your loved one and can be reached at 705-549-3181 ext. 2619 or at 705-526-4569 or by email at

We are also able to help navigate you through the system while offering individual and confidential family support along the way. 

Share Your Voice

Understanding the experiences of family members accessing the Mental Health & Addiction services is crucial to influence system change.


One of the roles of the PCFC, as a non profit peer-led organization, is bringing the voice of service users to the forefront of planning and policy tables to drive system improvements. 

Your voice is important, and we appreciate any opportunity to hear your story and understand the good (and not so good) experiences you have had when accessing Mental Health services. 

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