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"When "i" is replaced by "we" even illness becomes wellness"

- Malcolm X


Contact Peer Support at 705-526-4569

Groups & Activities (Stay tuned)

Our Peer Supporters are trained individuals who use their own personal experiences in life to relate and support other people living with similar personal experiences.

Peer Support is not a clinical service and does not focus on diagnosis. It is strength based and rooted in compassion for oneself and others. Peer Support is based on mutuality, hope and sharing to empower others to achieve their own recovery and quality of life.

Peer Support promotes healing through taking action and by building relationships among a community of equals. It is not about "helping" others but about learning from one another and building connections.

Peer Support services are professional and confidential (excepting harm to self or others) with no cost to individuals accessing our services.



We provide one on one support to individuals as they work towards their personal recovery. 

In addition to being able to talk with someone who has traveled a similar journey and being able to share your struggles and successes, we offer the following: 

  • Private and safe conversation

  • Strength based approach 

  • Individualized crisis planning

  • Assistance navigating the system

  • Resources and supports

  • Mutual learning 

  • Coping skills 

  • Hope

Peer support is available in a hospital setting, transitional housing, and the community. 

Activities & Groups 

We are excited to announce that we are once again offering a wide variety of community activities and groups that will aim to support, educate, and empower our clients and those in the community.


Please visit our PCFC Health Hub page to view the current monthly Activity Calendar.

We are also running a family support group that meets once a week. Please visit our Family Connect page for more information.

Transition Support Client Connect

Transitioning amongst services, both inpatient and in the community can be a time of additional stress and anxiety. Our Client connect program can support you through this process. 

Hospital to Hospital connection:

If you are transferring to a different inpatient facility, we can connect you to Peer Support services at the new facility (where available) before you go, so that you can ask questions and gather information. We will support you during this process. 


Hospital to Community connection: 

Transitioning from the hospital to the community can mean leaving behind people that have been your "family" or main supports during your stay. 


If you would like, Peer Support will stay in touch with you as you return to the community. You choose how we connect and the frequency that you would like us to touch base. 

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